Security / Decorative Tinting

Armorgard - Safety / Security Films

What better way to protect your family and property from shattering glass than applying our fully tested Armorgard Films.

Armorgard Films have been manufactured to meet the high standards demanded by government authorities and industries throughout the world. Armorgard Films have been tested by the following organisations in Australia to meet the safety standards.

  • Performance Under Pressure: James Cook University
  • High Impact Human Safety: Unisearch Ltd.
  • Early Fire Hazard: C.S.I.R.O
Armorgard Films come with a 10yr Manufacturer Warranty

Decorative / Graphics / Logos

We have a wide variety of specialty films available. Eg. Frosted film, white/black opaque, vinyl films, printed logos and cutout designs.

Plain Frost
Frost With Cutouts
Frost With Design
Colour Films