Automotive Tinting

FUSION Nano Technology

Fusion is an auto film, it's powered by Nano-Ceramic technology. The pinnacle of glass film manufacturing science. Featuring fused graphite and titanium nitride to achieve the highest overall heat rejection performance 68% with enhanced colour tone.

Fusion's durable metal free construction is digital signal friendly and provides a deep non-reflective finish that is fade and corrosion resistant.

Fusion film blocks up to 68% heat, 99% UV rays reduction, Lifetime Warranty. Darkest legal tint.

The ultimate performance tint!!!!

Quantum 37%

20% black

Quantum 37%

ultra performance Uv blockout

HP OXIDE hybrid Metal film

UltraGard's Oxide is a hybrid metal high performance film.

It combines a black charcoal layer with metal oxide layers for improved and reliable heat rejection without compromising some Gps, Mobile phone,sensitive electronics signals.

Metallised film, blocks up to 58% heat, 99% UV rays reduction, Lifetime Warranty. Darkest legal tint.

HP Supreme 35%
HP Supreme 35%
HP Supreme 35%


Carbonite is a premium carbon layer enhanced window film that offers genuine colour stability for Australia's harsh climate It is a metal free construction is non-conductive and does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

Carbon film will add a deep black, charcoal and sporty look to your vehicle.

Blocks up to 30% heat, 99% UV rays reduction, 7 year Warranty on fading only. Darkest street legal tint.

RTA Darkest Legal 35%

NR Supreme 35%
NR Supreme 35%

Our mobile service gives you the opportunity to decide on the day on which window tint you like best, as they are all displayed on our mobile tint van to help you with your decision.